Founded in 1994 by Bill Schmid, who lost his firstborn to SIDS. Halo is rooted in the uncompromising mission of sleep safety. Halo Innovations launched with SleepSack, the original wearable baby blanket.

Five Sleep Sack sizes offer sleep solutions from birth through toddlerhood. Halo is proud to be the #1 choice of hospitals nationwide. Halo got into hard goods and introduced the BassiNest, now widely recognized at the best bassinet on the market. There are four different models with a variety of sheet fabric choices. Halo also sells the DreamWeaveTM breathable crib mattresses and BassiNest pads. Halo’s newest introduction is a premium gift set – a bestselling Swaddle and SleepSack gift available exclusively to premium retailers (premium packaging, 100% organic cotton, simple and sophisticated aesthetic, great price point). The much loved HALO SleepSack Swaddle also now comes in Tech Fabric technology to help reduce the risk of a baby’s overheating, allowing baby to sleep more safely and comfortably.

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